Hunted FAQs

I don’t want my company to know I’m here, do you REALLY keep my details safe?

100%. Most of the recruiters on Hunted are very happy in their roles. You may have a completed profile so you never miss out on being headhunted for your dream role, but you can customise your preferences to see the opportunities, companies and content you love.


Why do you need to connect with my LinkedIn profile?

Because Hunted hides your identity (we really do), we need to be sure that nobody abuses the platform or creates fake profiles. We will be able to access your true identity but employers can't, until you wish them to. 


Isn't LinkedIn a similar thing?

Nope! Firstly, you’re completely anonymous on Hunted. Secondly we are exclusively for recruiters with content and tools designed to help you in your career.

If you get approached on Hunted, the company will have info on your situation and aspirations, so it will be a highly relevant opportunity (we all know LinkedIn approaches are generic and a bit of a numbers game).


Does it cost me anything?

Nope, we will never charge recruiters for using our app to find jobs. In fact, when you find a job on Hunted, we'll even send you a Hunted Reward Box to say "Well Done!"


I’m not currently looking for opportunities, is Hunted for me?

YES! We have so much content designed for recruiters - from inspiring interviews, informative insights and entertaining recruitment musings from our resident satirical blogger Ed Hunter. Our performance tracking tool is the BEST way to track your performance and earnings on the go and see how your revenue and pay stack up against the rest of the industry.


Which cities do you work in?

We have opportunities in over 20 countries. But we have most presence in London, New York, Singapore, Hong Kong and Sydney. We are growing fast, adding companies every week and you’ll find jobs anywhere from Sao Paulo to Seoul, Amsterdam to Auckland.


I have another question…

See that little green icon on the bottom right of the screen, ask us anything and we will try to respond as quickly as we can!

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