Employer FAQs

Why use Hunted?

Hunted is the best way to engage and hire recruitment and executive search talent. The Hunted mobile app is designed as a career companion for recruiters, offering them access to exclusive industry content, tools, jobs and companies. Employers create a company profile to put their careers pages in the pocket of their target talent with photos, videos and promoted content to drive engagement. You can customise who sees your job adverts and Hunted provides you with the information you need on each recruiter profile (salary, revenue, frustrations, career preferences) to headhunt more effectively and save time filtering job advert applications.


Why are candidate profiles anonymous?

On other professional networking sites you can access people’s names and company names but have limited information to understand whether they are open to exploring roles, how good they are at their job and how well they are rewarded. In exchange for anonymity, recruiters share unprecedented career information including salary and earnings, revenue and performance data, career preferences, frustrations and aspirations giving you all the information you need to headhunt effectively, save time reviewing applications and streamline your hiring process.


Is there a limit on the number of hires I can make?

No. You can make unlimited hires with Hunted. The basic plan gives you one live job slot, which you can change the job whenever you need to. If you need to make multiple hires for different vacancies, you can add extra job slots to your subscription. Get in touch with the sales team to get our latest pricing.


What is the best way to maximise response and coverage on jobs?

The important thing to explain first off is that unlike a "traditional job board" you're not going to be getting 100s of applications a week.

The longer you are live, the more often recruiters will see your profile, the more applications you will receive. You're not getting the "spray and pray" applications types. Candidates using Hunted tend to be more researched and might view your profile several times before making an application.

With this in mind we recommend switching up pictures (particularly the header images) and content regularly to keep them clicking through and learning about your business.

We also recommend sharing a Linkedin post from your account linking to your Hunted profile. Tag Hunted in it and the whole team will like and share hitting a network of 40k+ recruiters.

Every time you put a new job live, re-share it and keep it fresh!


The cover image chops our heads off! How do we edit this?

The header is a tricky one as it will show differently on different devices. For example, on my computer I might be able to see all the heads in a photo and some of the space above if on a small browser. If I'm on a large browser where it's stretch, that's where heads will roll! You could try cropping off the bottom of the photo and top of the photo and adding some filler to make it align on your screen, but I would be wary that this will also effect the view other users will see and the image appearance on different part of the app. We advise that companies use an image where the focal point sits within the middle 50% horizontal band. On the app, all heads and shoes will be in sight. 


I can’t create a job. It says I don’t have an office, but I have added on office on to the map. Any suggestions?

The reason you’re not able to create a job is because you will need to attached it to a 'complete’ office. To complete your office:

  1. Scroll down to the office map 
  2. Click on the red pin on the map to take to your office profile
  3. Click in to edit office mode and click the pencil on the right hand side of the grey box
  4. To complete the office, pop a photo in to this box

After that, you’ll be able to create a job and will see the office listed in the drop down.


I’m confused about who is who and who can do what. Can you explain the different types of admins?

  1. Group Admin - Runs profile can add and delete team members and change permissions of team members - can also be job owner
  2. Profile Admin - Can edit profile but not add or delete team members - can also be job owner
  3. Job Owner - add and delete jobs, edit jobs, respond to applications and send headhunts to matches 
  4. Job Collaborator - Can’t delete but can edit jobs, respond to applications and send headhunts to matches

To add someone on to a job so they can see candidates in the inbox, the group admin needs to go to the job, click in to edit job mode and select job collaborators (will appear top right hand corner). If the person you want to add doesn’t appear in the drop down then you need to pop over to settings in the drop down menu, click team members and ‘invite someone’.





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