Employer FAQs

Why use Hunted?

Hunted is the best way to engage and hire recruitment and executive search talent. The Hunted mobile app is designed as a career companion for recruiters, offering them access to exclusive industry content, tools, jobs and companies. Employers create a company profile to put their careers pages in the pocket of their target talent with photos, videos and promoted content to drive engagement. You can customise who sees your job adverts and Hunted provides you with the information you need on each recruiter profile (salary, revenue, frustrations, career preferences) to headhunt more effectively and save time filtering job advert applications.


Why are candidate profiles anonymous?

On other professional networking sites you can access people’s names and company names but have limited information to understand whether they are open to exploring roles, how good they are at their job and how well they are rewarded. In exchange for anonymity, recruiters share unprecedented career information including salary and earnings, revenue and performance data, career preferences, frustrations and aspirations giving you all the information you need to headhunt effectively, save time reviewing applications and streamline your hiring process.


Is there a limit on the number of hires I can make?

No. You can make unlimited hires with Hunted. The basic plan gives you one live job slot, which you can change the job whenever you need to. If you need to make multiple hires for different vacancies, you can add extra job slots to your subscription. Get in touch with the sales team to get our latest pricing.

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